Omni Fiber Completes Ohio Telecom Acquisition, Continues Growth Path

Service provider sets planned expansion of its gigabit fiber broadband services in several Ohio markets.

  • Omni Fiber

CINCINNATI--Omni Fiber, an emerging FTTP provider offering service in underserved Midwest markets, has completed its acquisition of Port Clinton-based Ohio Telecom as part of its growth strategy. Existing Ohio Telecom markets including Port Clinton and Oak Harbor will become eligible for faster speeds (2 Gbps) once the network expansion is complete.

At the same time, Omni Fiber will also accelerate planned expansion in surrounding communities including Sandusky, Perkins Township, and Fremont. Current Ohio Telecom business and institutional customers in multiple markets will also be eligible to upgrade to Omni's fiber network for increased product options and improved performance.

Expansion of the combined network will begin in early 2023 and continue throughout the year. Millitzer Capital, a media and broadband M&A firm, represented Ohio Telecom in the transaction. 

Construction of Omni Fiber's fiber network in Sandusky, Perkins Township, and Fremont will begin in early 2023, and those interested in being among the first to get Omni Fiber service can place a no-obligation pre-order at Previously announced Ohio communities with construction complete or already underway include Bellevue, Clyde, Dover, Huron, Shelby, and Tiffin.


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