Omnitron Announces NID with DPoE Automatic Provisioning

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IRVINE, CA - Carrier Ethernet provider Omnitron Systems announced that it had completed lab trials of its iConverter GM4 network interface demarcation device (NID) for DOCSIS Provisioning over EPON (DPoE) networks. Omnitron's lab trials demonstrated how automating provisioning shortens deployment time and reduces operational costs.

In the last year, cable operators have begun providing high-speed services to businesses using EPON technology over fiber networks. Fiber overcomes the limitations of hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks, and EPON supports provide Carrier Ethernet service requirements, such as dedicated symmetrical bandwidth and multiple classes of service, that are important to business users.

The third piece of the puzzle is the DPoE specification developed by CableLabs. This allows cable companies to unify their management of EPON and HFC networks by standardizing network management through the DOCSIS operations support system that they have long used for HFC networks.

The DEMARC Automatic Configuration (DAC) process, which is part of the DPoE specification, standardizes automatic configuration of the demarc - the device that demarcates the end of the provider network and the beginning of the customer network - without relying on manual configuration or vendor-proprietary provisioning. Through this process, Carrier Ethernet services can easily be enabled over a DPoE network.

Eliminating Onsite Installation
When connected to DAC-enabled DPoE System and DPoE Optical Network Unit (ONU), Omnitron's iConverter GM4 retrieves the management channel information through the DAC process and completes automatic provisioning through standard DHCP and TFTP. The DAC process eliminates lengthy on-site installation and reduces the possibility of human error resulting from a manual turn-up process. After the Ethernet service is activated, the iConverter GM4 further streamlines Ethernet deployments with built-in RFC 2544 and Y.1564 service testing to validate throughput and SLA assurance.

iConverter GM4 NIDs provide tools for optimizing service delivery and managing the customer experience throughout the life cycle of an Ethernet service. Network management, Service OAM and fault protection provides higher perceived service quality and workforce productivity, rapid outage restoration, fewer reported problems and greater customer satisfaction. Support for zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) enables rapid and accurate service deployments, and service testing remotely validates the integrity and SLA metrics service. ITU-T Y.1731 Performance Monitoring OAM probes measure a variety service parameters, and IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management provides instant notification and tools to facilitate remote fault isolation and troubleshooting. The iConverter GM4 also supports ITU-T G.8031 and rapid spanning tree service protection features to minimize service down time.


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