OneCommunity Announces Big Gig Challenge 2015

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CLEVELAND, OH — OneCommunity, a Northeast Ohio-based ultra-high speed broadband provider, is challenging Northeast Ohio municipalities, public sector and business leaders to reveal their ultra-high speed broadband dreams. Yes, the Big Gig Challenge 2015 is on, well, as of OneCommunity’s launch party on May 13 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at Ariel International Center. Established in 2014, the Big Gig Challenge offers applicants the opportunity to earn funding for OneCommunity’s ultra-high speed broadband fiber infrastructure.

“We’re looking for dreamers who know how to transform their concepts into reality,” says OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick. “Today, Cleveland is in the limelight. We are looking for visionaries who are a step away from entering the twenty-first century. We’re hoping we can help them make their mark.”

In fact, the Big Gig Challenge will provide winners a 25 percent match earmarked for construction and equipment costs. First, they must qualify. Applications will be accepted in three categories:

  1. Smart Cities (local governments)

  2. Economic Development (promoting business attraction and retention)

  3. Innovation and Programs (designed to launch pilot programs to leverage fiber in new and innovative ways including a focus on the implementation of pilot programs along the nation’s first commercially available 100 Gig network on Cleveland’s Health Tech Corridor.)

“This is an opportunity. It is a chance for companies and for local government to advance and to embrace new technology. This could be their future. We are excited about the possibilities and encourage everyone to dream big now.”

Those interested in learning more about the Big Gig Challenge 2015 are urged to attend the launch party. The City of Cleveland’s West 25th Street Corridor, the Village of Glenwillow and Lorain County Community College, all recipients of the inaugural 2014 Big Gig Challenge Grant funds, will reveal their innovative winning proposals at the launch party.


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