OneCommunity Launches Big Gig Challenge 2015

  • OneCommunity
CLEVELAND, OH — OneCommunity, a Northeast Ohio-based ultra high-speed broadband provider, has launched its 2015 Big Gig Challenge, which provides grant funds for fiber network construction projects to municipalities, economic development projects and pilot programs.

Winners of the Big Gig Challenge receive a grant worth up to a 25-percent match toward project construction and equipment costs up to a total to $2 million. The grant allows winners to employ high-speed broadband to solve problems, increase efficiencies, spur economic development, and launch pilots or innovative programs that will benefit their community.

Those interested in participating can apply at 2015 Big Gig Challenge Application.

Important Dates:
June 12 — Applications due
June 22 — Finalists announced
July 31 — Final proposals due
August 10 — Winners announced


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