Ooredoo Surpasses 100,000 Fiber Customers in Qatar

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DOHA, QATAR - Ooredoo, a telecommunications provider in Qatar, announced that it has reached the historic milestone of providing broadband fiber to more than 100,000 customers in Qatar, putting the country on track to becoming one of the best-connected nations in the world.

More than 80 Percent of Qatar Homes Have Fiber Connection
More than 80 percent of homes in Qatar now have an Ooredoo fiber connection, and the service continues to roll-out to new areas every week. In a global study based on figures from the FTTH Council, Qatar was recognized as the fastest nationwide rollout of fiber in the world in 2012, judged by the percentage of homes passed by fiber and the number of homes connected in the year – with customers benefiting from this global achievement.

In line with its promise to ensure that as many people as possible have access to world-class fiber services, Ooredoo has continued to offer the widest possible range of packages for customers, so that people are able to switch from copper to fiber services and enjoy faster speeds and greater reliability, and pick the package that best suits their needs.

Transforming Digital Entertainment
As well as improving Internet services for customers, Qatar’s national embrace of fiber is also transforming the digital entertainment industry. Ooredoo’s fiber customers have access to the high definition Mozaic TV service, including hundreds of live channels in unmatched picture quality with the ability to pause, rewind and record. This advanced TV service also gives instant access to thousands of videos and TV series from the On Demand catalogues at a touch of a button from their remote control.

Ooredoo’s investment in fiber will continue throughout 2014. In addition to expanding the network across Qatar, Ooredoo is planning a sizeable infrastructure investment and capacity-building program in the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup 2022.


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