Open Gateway Initiative to Help ISPs Tap the Power of the Cloud

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BARCELONA — Gateways are traditionally hard-wired and hard coded for specific services. Before a new service can be launched they must the designed and manufactured and made available for customers. But that is changing, says Diego Gastaldi, senior vice president for business development with Technicolor Connected Home, a provider of media and entertainment technology.

Open Gateway Initiative
There is now a new paradigm, the Open Gateway Initiative, where gateways are standard devices and the software and functionality to support any specific service is provided in conjunction with software in the cloud.

“We have an opportunity to flip the model completely,” says Gastaldi. “Now you can launch a platform and all you have to worry about is that it is capable of downloading and executing the functions stored in the cloud. This makes it possible for new services to be created dynamically in the cloud, so you have an almost unlimited portfolio of services that you can create and roll out. This can be done by taking advantage of the processing power and storage capacity of the cloud.”

Partnership with Amazon Web Services
Technicolor, he says, is realizing the potential of this new paradigm in partnership with Amazon Web Services. “AWS has put the functions used to communicate with their cloud infrastructure onto a software platform called Greengrass that can be loaded onto a gateway. It enables service providers to dynamically execute functions in the cloud using AWS Lambda, which runs code without the need to provision or manage servers.”

However, Gastaldi says Technicolor is going beyond putting basic gateway functions into the cloud. It is incorporating the functions of the Amazon Alexa personal assistant into its gateways for installation assistance, problem diagnosis and customer support.

“Right now, we are focused on lowering the OPEX cost of deployment by making it easy for the consumer to self-install,” Gastaldi says. “We’re also working to avoid having the customer contact the call center just because something is not working properly; to having the problem triaged before they call in. The service provider will know what is going on the home before they get the call from the customer.”

A Technology to Transform Insurance and Health Care
He sees the market for this new technology extending beyond the satellite, cable and broadband service providers, to industry verticals such as insurance and health care. “In the home of an elderly person you could have a couple of sensors in things they use regularly, extract data from those, use Greengrass to export that data to the cloud and do analytics to establish patterns and take action if something changes.”

Gastaldi says Technicolor and AWS are collaborating closely to explore possibilities. “We are making sure we capitalize on the relationships they have with some of our customers and with some of the verticals. It is a great combination and I think we are doing great things together.”


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