Opticonx Launches Xtreme+ FTTX Cabling Solution for ISPs and Data Centers

  • Opticonx
PUTNAM, CN — Opticonx announced Xtreme+, a FTTX cabling solution for building entrance facilities in the Data Center, Customer Premise, Head-End, or Colocation point.

Xtreme+ Trunk, Splice, and Pigtail cassettes provide an end-to-end cabling system of Xtreme low loss fusion spliced cables. Xtreme+ cassettes provide superior protection, strain relief, and fiber routing of individual fibers in an enclosed cassette with a see-through cover for easy fiber mapping and identification. They can be installed from the front or rear of the panel enclosure and virtually eliminate panel dress out and the associated risk of damage to individual fibers and connectors during installation.

  • Xtreme+ Trunk are pre-terminated or pre-stubbed cassettes with multi-fiber indoor OFNR/OFNP cables for routing and splicing to building entrance splice vaults. Xtreme+ Trunks can also be spliced to Xtreme+ Splice Cassettes for inter or intra building networks.

  • Xtreme+ Splice cassettes are pre-packaged splice cassettes with 250µm single fiber or 12 fiber ribbon for splicing to multi-fiber intra and inter building cables. Xtreme+ Splice cassettes can be mounted in any Opticonx patch panel or housing and can be made LGX compatible with optional mounting brackets.

  • Xtreme+ Pigtail Splice cassettes are cassettes with 250µm single fiber or 12 fiber ribbon for splicing to multi-fiber intra and inter-building cables using a separate splice tray. The Xtreme+ product line includes patch panels and breakout kits.



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