Optimum Lightpath Debuts Private Fiber Service

JERICHO, NYOptimum Lightpath, a fiber-to-the-business provider in the New York metropolitan area, launched a new private fiber service as an alternative to dark fiber.

The new offering is targeted to large enterprises and financial services companies that want dedicated fiber without the need to manage equipment or take on the large, up-front operational costs typically associated with dark fiber products. Private Fiber Service provides throughput of up to 390 Gbps, high security and reliability, simplified management, guaranteed latency and competitive installation intervals. Pricing is distance-based, with optional flat-rate pricing for additional bandwidth as needed.

“Data has never been more important in helping businesses advance, serve customers, deliver profitable services and maintain business continuity,” says Julia McGrath, senior vice president of marketing and business development, Optimum Lightpath. “With Private Fiber Service, Optimum Lightpath is making the process of acquiring, lighting and managing dedicated fiber easier than ever. As a result, we can give more businesses access to private bandwidth that can scale as needed, helping them get where they want to go without taking on huge costs or maintenance headaches.”

Flexible Bandwidth for High Data Demands
More businesses need secure, dedicated, high-bandwidth connections between data centers, exchanges and multiple primary locations. Although dark fiber has traditionally been used to meet these needs, the associated costs and management complexities have posed significant challenges to businesses. These challenges have also stood as a barrier to entry for some businesses that need the functionality and flexibility of dedicated fiber but cannot maintain the service. Optimum Lightpath Private Fiber Service offers Ethernet service over dedicated private fiber delivered over optical waves. Optimum Lightpath provides dedicated WDM equipment, including 39 channels that can accommodate either one 10 Gbps or eight 1 Gbps Ethernet connections, and one channel that Optimum Lightpath utilizes for monitoring. The service, which can scale to meet customer needs, delivers:

- Highly scalable bandwidth with access to up to 390 Gbps of total throughput, with guaranteed SLAs
- High security and reliability
- In-band dedicated management of Ethernet over WDM, with 24/7 monitoring provided by Optimum Lightpath
- Competitive provisioning time frames to get customers up and running quickly
- All necessary software and equipment to reduce up-front capital expenses, with ongoing cost predictability that makes planning easy
- Private fiber route diversification over Optimum Lightpath’s network of more than 5,000 connected fiber-lit locations.


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