Orange Launches 100 Mbps Symmetric Service in France

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PARIS - France Telecom-Orange announced the launch of its Fiber Pro service, which offers symmetrical 100 Mbps broadband to professionals and small businesses over an FTTP network. The company is promoting Fiber Pro for two-way transfers of large files, for videoconferencing and for cloud computing (Orange also offers "cloud pro" branded cloud computing services), as well as for new applications in digital design, editing and e-commerce.

Fiber Pro includes the familiar triple play of telephone, Internet and television, along with such "professional" services as a personalized URL, a fixed IP address, professional-quality email and digital fax. Customers also get technical assistance in setting up their office networks as well as dedicated customer support. The offer is available at prices starting at 69 euros ($90) per month.

Orange is currently rolling out its FTTP network across France; by 2015, it aims to reach all large and medium-sized towns in France - a total of 3,600 municipalities.


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