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NORTH SALT LAKE, UT — OSPInsight International has released OSPInsight Web 9. Designed for fiber network operators, OSPInsight Web 9 provides the tools and workflows necessary to know and understand a fiber network, troubleshoot fiber breaks and analyze excess capacity to ensure a profitable outside plant.

OSPInsight has developed fiber management tools for 25 years, helping thousands of customers. As the latest evolution, OSPInsight Web 9 is a web based platform designed to take fiber management to the next level.

Designed with usability, scalability and mobility as the top priorities, OSPInsight Web 9 boasts many fiber management features:

  • ●  Find fault, route details and taper report

  • ●  Add, edit and delete network objects.

  • ●  Comprehensive search tool

  • ●  Splice, terminate and patch

  • ●  Insert splices and slack loops on existing cables

  • ●  Insert access points on existing ductbank

  • ●  Move and follow splice points, slack points and termination points

  • ●  Drag and drop cable span end points

  • ●  OSPInsight report results

  • The user interface is simple and intuitive with the latest web and SQL Server database technologies, to provide:

    • ●  Faster spatial object rendering

    • ●  Ultra-fast object selections

    • ●  Support for both MapInfo and ESRI database formats

    • ●  Interactivity with OSPInsight Edit for MapInfo and OSPInsight Edit for ArcMap

    • ●  Scale, including any sized network from a campus to a continent and beyond.

      This is the first release of a new cadence for OSPInsight.



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