OVBI Sees Surge in Broadband Speeds

Gigabit tier adoption soars 35 percent year-over-year in the third quarter.

  • OpenVault

Jersey City, NJ– Dramatic increases in provisioned speeds are continuing to shift the broadband landscape, according to the third quarter 2022 edition of the (OpenVault Broadband Insights) report. The report was issued today by OpenVault, a market-leading source of SaaS-based revenue, network improvement solutions, and data-driven insights for the broadband industry.

Using data aggregated from OpenVault’s broadband management tools, the third quarter of 2022 OVBI shows a continued increase in gigabit tier adoption and migrating subscribers to speeds of 200 Mbps or higher. Fifteen percent of subscribers were on gigabit tier plans in the third quarter of 2022, an increase of 35 percent over the 11.4 percent figure in the third quarter of 2021, and the percentage of subscribers on plans between 200-400 Mbps doubled to 54.8 percent from 27.4 percent in 3Q21. At the end of the third quarter, only 4.7 percent of all subscribers were provisioned for speeds of less than 50 Mbps, a reduction of more than 50 percent from the third quarter 2021 figure of 9.8 percent

The report notes that Gigabit tier subscribers are up more than 600 percent since the third quarter of 2019. “This trend is impacting bandwidth usage characteristics, with faster growth in power users and median bandwidth usage,” it adds. “Faster speeds fuel greater consumption that may be reflected in need for greater capacity in the future.”

Other findings in the third quarter 2022 report include:

  • Average monthly usage of 495.5 GB was up 13.9 percent from the third quarter 2021 average of 434.9 GB, representing a slight increase over 2Q22’s 490.7 GB. Median broadband was up 14.3 percent year over year, representing broader growth across all subscribers.
  • Year-over-year growth of power users of 1TB or more was 18 percent, to 13.7 percent of all subscribers, while the superpower user category of consumers of 2 TB or more rose almost 50% during the same time frame.
  • Participants in the American Connectivity Program consumed 615.2 GB of data in third quarter of 2022, 24 percent more than the 495.5 used by the general population.

The entire report is at https://xprss.io/zdgeG. OpenVault also provides continuously updated broadband consumption figures at https://openvault.com/broadbandtracker/.


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