Panasonic Pilot Program Turns Televisions into Health Care Monitors

  • Panasonic Corporation of North America
NEWARK, NJ — Panasonic Corporation of North America and Jewish Home Lifecare, a not-for-profit geriatric health and rehabilitation institution, have launched a pilot program designed to improve the quality of care for the growing number of older Americans with chronic diseases, while also reducing associated costs.

Transforming Televisions into Interactive Remote Health Care Management Portals
"Pathways to Health" uses Panasonic's home gateway solution to transform ordinary televisions into interactive remote healthcare management portals to monitor, query and communicate with patients. The solution also provides an ongoing stream of patient information to off-site health care providers.

Once Panasonic's home gateway is connected to a television in the home, the Pathways to Health program enables healthcare providers within hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other HIPPA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) care locations to remotely monitor vital signs, conduct interactive clinical dialogues and provide patient education. Jewish Home Lifecare nurses are able to modify individual care programs and initiate clinical interventions as indicated, such as sending a home health aide or alerting a doctor.

Reductions in Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits

Preliminary results of the Pathways to Health program, which was launched in January, have demonstrated reductions in hospitalizations and emergency room visits, while achieving high degrees of patient satisfaction.

"The Pathways to Health telemedicine pilot demonstrates how healthcare providers can increase their ability to resolve issues at the contact point closest to the patient," said Bob Dobbins, vice president, new business development at Panasonic Corporation of North America.

"We are particularly pleased with the patient satisfaction outcomes in the months since the Pathways to Health program was launched," said Regina Melly, senior vice president of business development at Jewish Home Lifecare. "Over 97 percent of program participants have had a positive experience using the Pathways Home Gateway, and 100 percent felt the system helped them better manage their health and feel safer at home."


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