Partnership to Bring 100 Gbps Broadband to Cleveland's Intesa Project

  • Intesa
  • OneCommunity
  • The Coral Company
CLEVELAND, OH – Intesa Holdings LLC, a joint venture between The Coral Company and Panzica Construction, and OneCommunity, a nonprofit organization working to turn Northeast Ohio into a “smart region,” announced an agreement to provide 100 Gbps broadband access to Intesa, a vertically and horizontally integrated, mixed-use development that will combine technology, office space, apartments, restaurants and green space and is slated to break ground in 2013. It will be located at University Circle, a center for education, health care and the arts.

Broadband speeds of 100 Gbps are expected to make Intesa attractive to leading researchers and global companies and to serve as a platform for innovation and collaboration, advancing job growth across the medical research, university, and technology industries.

“Intesa is seen as a launching point for Cleveland’s economic renaissance, positioning it as a national leader in broadband infrastructure and attracting corporate investment and local community benefit,” said Brett Lindsey, chief operating officer at OneCommunity.


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