Paul Bunyan Communications Brings the Gigazone to Kelliher and Northome, Minn.

  • Paul Bunyan Communications
GRAND RAPIDS, MN — Paul Bunyan Communications announced that its GigaZone service is available in Kelliher and Northome, Minn. As a result of continued upgrades to the cooperative's fiber optic network over 1,700 more locations now have access to GigaZone services including Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps.

GigaZone Gigabit Fiber Network
"We continue to make great progress on upgrading our network to incorporate even more members into the GigaZone and over the next several months we'll be activating the GigaZone in even more areas," said Gary Johnson, Paul Bunyan Communications CEO/general manager. "I'm very proud of all the hard work our cooperative has put in so far as we put our membership and region at the forefront of the very latest in communication networks. We will continue to do as much as we can to bring the GigaZone to all our members and the communities we serve as fast as we can."

The GigaZone is currently available to over 29,400 locations, making it one of the largest rural all-fiber optic networks in the United States! Check out our online map showing the current areas of the GigaZone as well as those that will be constructed/upgraded in the future.

GigaZone service options include broadband Internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps — a gigabit. Members who subscribe to GigaZone broadband can also add PBTV Fusion and/or low cost unlimited long distance service. All current service options also remain available to cooperative members within the GigaZone.

GigaZone Integrated Wi-Fi
Most current wireless routers cannot support GigaZone Internet speeds. To help, the cooperative is offering GigaZone Integrated Wi-Fi that uses the latest in advanced Wi-Fi technologies to maximize the in-home wireless experience. This service is free to all new GigaZone customers for the first six months, with a minimal charge thereafter.


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