Paxio Launches Gigabit Broadband Services to the Home

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STOCKHOLM — Paxio's launch of Gigabit broadband services in Emeryville, Calif., was supported by PacketFront Software, which has delivered an end-to-end automated residential solution for Paxio's network and service management. The solution gives customers the freedom of choosing services from a self-selection portal that deploys the selected services within a few seconds. The network is based on an MX-series BNG solution from Juniper and access switches from Alcatel, all of them being managed by the BECS platform.

Multi-vendor Network and Service Management System
BECS, delivered by PacketFront Software, is a multi-vendor network and service management system consisting of resource and element management and service configuration with full topology awareness, enabling best-in-class automation of service activation and fulfillment. The solution is an easily customizable out-of-the-box system applicable for residential and business networks, such as IP/MPLS VPN services.

"The PacketFront solution gives my customers the ability to manage their own services, for example to increase the bandwidth on demand, without involving any technicians," said Philip Clark, CEO at Paxio. By automating the network operations and harmonizing the access platform from different vendors with zero-touch deployment I can send out any person from our organization to install the equipment and BECS will automatically configure the elements to provide the right services. With a tool like BECS in our organization I can keep prices aggressive and still provide great value to my customers. The platform is also prepared for open-access, which means that I can open up the network for any service provider or over the top content provider, something that is key today in order to be successful in a very competitive business."


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