Pelican Bay’s FTTH Deployment Launches with ADTRAN

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HUNTSVILLE, AL — ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation networking solutions, announced as part of its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program, that its market-leading broadband portfolio is being deployed for advanced Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services in the community of Pelican Bay, Florida. As the 6,500 residents of Pelican Bay looked to enhance the overall value of their community, they turned to ADTRAN’s broadband solutions for Gigabit service delivery. Residents and businesses – including two high-end resort hotels – now have access to a highly reliable ultra-fast broadband network that scales as the local population peaks throughout the year. The advanced FTTH network also enables Pelican Bay residents to easily connect with family members via video chat, attend telepresence board meetings and complete distance learning educational opportunities.

Choosing a Sustainable Solution for the Community’s Gigabit Service Requirements
Unsatisfied with their incumbent provider’s broadband and customer service, timed with the fact their contract was set to expire, Pelican Bay residents saw a unique opportunity to develop a business model that provided for long-term growth of the community. Taking a forward-thinking approach, the infrastructure committee — a core group of residents that included several retired corporate executives — looked into deploying a network that could support Gigabit services. Working with Spectrum Engineering to pull together a strategic plan and risk mitigation strategy, the committee was able to begin implementation of a sustainable, lasting solution for the community’s fiber infrastructure and Gigabit service requirements. In order to guarantee a “white glove” quality of service, the committee selected Summit Broadband for the advanced FTTH buildout that included a provision for bulk agreements. The agreements, acting as a foundation for accountability, ensured that residents and Summit would be jointly held responsible for providing necessary education and ongoing communication to offer the best user experience possible.

To deliver these high expectations, Summit selected ADTRAN’s Total Access 5000 broadband portfolio to deploy a high-capacity, Gigabit FTTH access network that can easily scale to handle their growth of high-bandwidth services at ultra-broadband speeds. Pelican Bay residents can now receive Internet speeds at 100, 200 or 500 Mbps, as well as Gigabit capabilities.


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