People Would Miss Internet More than Water, Heating or TV

  • Infosecurity Europe
LONDON – When asked, 1000 London commuters believe they would be far more stressed out by not having Internet access than if their heating was turned off, their TVs didn’t work or they didn’t have water. The survey was done on behalf of Infosecurity Europe, an information security event, who wanted to find out how critical the Internet is to the average householder. Thirty-eight percent felt that they would be most stressed out by not having Internet access at home followed by 32 percent not having water, 18 percent not having heating with 8 percent being less stressed by no TV and 4 percent no washing machine.

When asked how long they could cope without Internet access at home, 27 percent said they didn’t think they’d be able to cope if the Internet went down, 25 percent could not last longer than 24 hours and 29 percent would seriously be in trouble if they didn’t have it after a few days. Only 4 percent saying they do not need it at all.

It would seem that people have become even more reliant than ever before on the Internet as in 2012 17 percent said they just couldn’t live without any Internet connection, however this has risen to 27 percent in 2013.

Internet Loss Worse than Bad Commute
Claire Sellick, event director for Infosecurity Europe said, “It is not just at home that the Internet has become a ‘must have,’ the same sentiment falls into the workplace too. When workers were asked what would cause them the most distress at work, a third of people citing this over and above their computer systems going down even worse than a really bad commute to work. Some conscientious workers,13 percent said that simply being late caused them to ‘flip out’, whilst a thirsty few (8 percent) said that no tea or coffee would ruin their day more than anything else and for a small proportion the lowly office printer/photo copier was the item likely to create the most stress.”

Sellick continued, “Having Internet connection is part and parcel of our everyday lives becoming more important than even heat and water at home, which does seem phenomenal but shows just how dependent we on the Internet. Considering that so much information now passes over the Internet both in our private and corporate lives, now more than ever it’s important to consider how you access this information and how you go about protecting your most sensitive data.”

When asked what people would be more concerned about losing whilst out and about - cash is still king as people are most concerned about losing their wallet/purse (46 percent), a third were most concerned about losing their personal phone and keys were came in at 13 percent and only 5 percent were concerned about losing their work phone.


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