Pima Association of Governments (Tucson, AZ) Engages Magellan Advisors for Regional Broadband Assessment

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TUCSON, AZ — Pima Association of Governments (PAG), the region’s metropolitan planning organization, has engaged Magellan Advisors to develop its Regional Assessment of Advanced Communications Infrastructure Needs & Opportunities. Jory Wolf, Magellan Advisor’s vice president of digital innovation, remarked that “PAG’s study will play a pivotal role in creating a Smart Region and determine how its communities embrace the digital economy, smart region initiatives, integrated utilities and next-generation economic development.”

The study will require a carefully designed planning process that incorporates the needs of PAG's communities and determines how investment in fiber and wireless infrastructure will support community needs. The goal of the study will be to provide a clear assessment of the needs for regional advanced communications infrastructure to support PAG’s goals of economic development, mobility and quality of life.

Building a Fiber Infrastructure for a Smart Region
Magellan Advisors will provide PAG with documented and real-world examples of how regional fiber infrastructure is building a foundation for smart region, by introducing new capabilities, cost, government innovation, smart city applications, economic development and providing a platform to enhance ultra-high-speed connectivity.

Magellan Advisors will also detail the potential impact of robust advanced communications infrastructure and services on economic development in the PAG region. “We will work closely with PAG to determine the existing economic environment, current business sectors, developing business sectors, community redevelopment areas and targeted industries for which advanced communications infrastructure is essential,” Wolf added.

The assessment will identify how the business environment is currently served by advanced communications infrastructure, as well as describe how improved availability and cost would benefit the region’s business environment in its current state. In addition, Magellan will provide a final Regional Assessment of Advanced Communications Infrastructure Needs and Opportunities that will entail the most feasible approaches for PAG members to deploy and use advanced communications infrastructure to meet current and long-term needs.


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