PLP Introduces COYOTE Dome Closure Cable Restraint Bracket

  • Preformed Line Products (PLP)
CLEVELAND, OH — Preformed Line Products (PLP), a manufacturer of  products for the construction and maintenance of broadband networks, has introduced the COYOTE Dome Closure CRB system for OPGW, designed to be easier to install and more durable.

Splice technicians understand the challenge of handling and splicing optical ground wire (OPGW) cable in various construction environments. Securing the rugged exterior of metal-stranded OPGW is imperative to preventing accidental torque or tension on delicate fibers within the cable.

COYOTE Dome Closure Cable Restraint Bracket (CRB) system

COYOTE Dome Closure Cable Restraint Bracket (CRB) system

Easier Grommet Sealing with a Robust Cable Restraint Bracket
The new COYOTE Dome Closure CRB system for OPGW combines easier grommet sealing methods with a robust cable restraint bracket (CRB) that keeps the cable secured during and after installation. Its higher cable retention and torque restraint surpasses industry standards, making the closure less vulnerable to mishandling and as resilient as PLP’s stainless steel splice case.

“This COYOTE Dome with CRB system sets a new standard for fiber-optic closures,” says John Jones, Market Manager, Utility Fiber Technologies. “Durable, versatile and easy to install, our four basic kits fit essentially any OPGW type, size or fiber count. In addition, they simplify inventory and are complimented by PLP’s unmatched delivery.”

What’s better about the COYOTE Dome Closure CRB system?

  • Resilient. The new CRB maximizes cable retention and torque resistance.

  • Simpler ordering. Just identify the type of OPGW buffer tube (plastic or stainless steel) and fiber count. The dome design accommodates a range of cable diameters (nominal cable OD 3/8” to 3/4”). No need to consider dozens of variations or purchase costly connector kits. The kit comes with all necessary materials for cable prep, fiber routing, attachment mounting and splicing.

  • New cable storage and ballistic protection systems. The COYOTE Dome Closure CRB system is compatible with the FIBERLIGN® Cable Storage 2 and COYOTE Defender 2 (for ballistic protection). The dome’s mounting adaptor attaches to either of these systems or directly to the structure.

  • Easy re-entry and expansion. Just as our original COYOTE Dome, the quick-locking dome collar and end plate with separate ports allow you to add more cables to the system without disturbing those already spliced. No expensive re-entry kits are needed.

  • Quick sealing. Our grommet and green sealant system is a dry, stable-flow application. It requires no cure time, unlike epoxy or caulk, which also can be sensitive to temperature extremes.


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