PLP Launches Fiber Network Solutions That Support Broadband Infrastructure Needs

CLEVELAND, OH – PLP announced today that it is expanding its COYOTE Fiber Optics product line with a range of new solutions that will further support service providers’ ongoing broadband infrastructure construction and maintenance projects. These fiber network solutions will be displayed at PLP's booth along with live demonstrations of their capabilities during this year's Fiber Connect convention in Orlando, ISE Expo in Kansas City, and SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Denver.

"As the global broadband industry continues to invest in products and infrastructure that will modernize communications networks around the world, so too has PLP," said Ryan Ruhlman, President of PLP. "Over the past several years, we have invested heavily in product development initiatives and manufacturing capacity upgrades to ensure our customers worldwide have access to some of the world's most innovative fiber connectivity products. These important additions to our long-standing COYOTE product line and our recent plant expansion efforts in Ohio, Arkansas, Latin America, and Europe are a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality products backed by unparalleled service."

PLP's new fiber connectivity solutions include the following:

  • COYOTE Pedestal: This U.S.-made pedestal is constructed from a high-strength polycarbonate UV/FR-grade material, incorporates a split base design, and supports various internal configurations, including hard splicing, internal connectivity (SC and LC), hardened terminals (MSTs), and PLP's PedBox – an outdoor-rated distribution splice box specifically designed for pedestal applications. The initial 8" pedestal design will be available in Q4 2023, with 6" and 10" versions launching in 2024.
  • COYOTE STP Pro Series: Utilizing a similar design to PLP's COYOTE STP closure, the new STP Pro Series includes a range of compact drop distribution options. The STP Pro Series easily accommodates diverse splicing and connectivity requirements with four interchangeable organizers, multiple cover options, and a universal cable restraint system that works across the entire Pro platform.
    • COYOTE STP-L: Single chamber design with four different base options to provide ultimate flexibility for feeder and drop applications.
    • COYOTE STP-XL: Dual chamber design with two different base options, each providing independent access to the splice/slack storage chamber and drop chamber.
    • COYOTE STP-XXL: Similar design to the STP-XL with additional express storage capabilities and the ability to handle larger diameter cables.
  • COYOTE 9.5" Universal Organizers: Expanding on PLP's Universal Organizer platform that was released in 2022 for the COYOTE ONE and 6.5" Dome Closures, the new U.S.-made Universal Organizers for COYOTE 9.5" Dome Closures reduce complexity for distributors and end users by offering a flexible design that readily accepts a wide variety of cable and splice tray types.
  • COYOTE DEN: An indoor/outdoor-rated splice box for MDU applications that is available in three sizes (DEN2, DEN3, DEN5). The COYOTE DEN easily accommodates up to 144-count splice applications or up to 48 SC / 96 LC splice and patch applications. The COYOTE DEN5 also incorporates PLP's first design for a fiber cassette.

"Two of our most significant product releases this year include our new COYOTE Pedestal and COYOTE STP Pro Series of fiber closures. The COYOTE Pedestal expands our OSP product line portfolio and establishes PLP as a key supplier in a category that requires significant additional capacity, while our new COYOTE STP Pro Series further strengthens PLP's position as an essential global fiber closure manufacturer," said Matt Becker, Senior Market Manager, North America Communications. "As the industry prepares for major infrastructure investment projects through government funding programs, such as the U.S. BEAD Program, these new innovative product offerings will provide network operators and contractors with high-quality, adaptable, and readily available solutions from a trusted manufacturer with large-scale local production capabilities."



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