PPC Introduces Miniflex Riser Cable

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EAST SYRACUSE, NY — PPC, a provider of pushable fiber optic cable, has released Miniflex Riser Cable, a solution for operators where the primary requirement is that fiber cables are “riser-rated” – they shouldn’t propagate fire and can self-extinguish. While this designation applies mainly in the US and Canada, it can also be beneficial in other parts of the world where flame-retardant properties are sought.

PPC, Miniflex Riser Cable is a tough and lightweight optical fiber loose tube cable, available with up to 12 optical fibers. Starting at just 2.2mm outer diameter, the Miniflex Riser Cable is a ruggedised, ultra-flexible drop cable solution for pushing and pulling inside raceways and microducts. The Riser Cable fully conforms with the UL 1651 standard for a Riser Cable.

Using Miniflex reduces the need for specialist skills and resources and decreases the installation time, saving valuable hours and money. The Riser Cable can also be used in a riser without duct.


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