Precision Optical Technologies’ OpenPath Will Help Bridge the Digital Divide

ROCHESTER, NY – Precision OT announced the launch of its end-to-end Passive Optical Network (PON) Access Solution - OpenPath. The product is set to redraw the PON landscape, empowering multiple system operators (MSOs), service providers, or any access network with ease, flexibility, and efficiency in deploying and managing PON networks.

OpenPath is a comprehensive turnkey solution that encompasses all the critical components of a PON network, including Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), optics, splitters, Optical Network Units (ONUs), and cutting-edge controller software. Initially set to support XGS-PON (10 Gigabit Symmetrical Passive Optical Networks), Precision OT's holistic approach makes it easier for network operators to deploy their own PONs on the timelines they require.

By enabling a more open PON ecosystem, OpenPath will lower lead times and remove the multiple barriers to entry that many network operators face. Unlike typical, proprietary solutions, Precision OT's system leverages a white box hardware model, which supports the integration of a diverse array of ONUs and ONTs. This effectively eliminates the vendor-lock scenario, making it faster and simpler for MSOs, telcos, and other customers to acquire and deploy the equipment they need from Precision OT. In addition, OpenPath's user-friendly management system software interface enables the company's customers to bring all the components of Precision OT's turnkey system together, ensuring optimal performance and interoperability with any existing infrastructure and software systems they may have.

As end-user demand for greater bandwidth continues to grow, Precision OT's solution suite is poised to help create and extend last-mile fiber networks.

"Our new PON solution, OpenPath, is a reflection of our expertise and commitment to fulfilling customer-requested solutions that evolve to go far beyond today," said David Halladay, President and CEO of Precision OT. "OpenPath will transform PON deployments, providing our customers with the high-quality tools, customer support, and management software they need to deliver the ultra-fast broadband services their end-users desire."

 Precision OT's OpenPath solution will bring customers:

  •  Ability to converge services (residential, commercial, and wireless) over a single infrastructure
  • Ability to reuse existing Optical Distribution Network (ODN)/passive resources
  • An end to vendor-lock with significant financial benefits
  • Upgrade eligibility for additional form factors and future PON technologies
  • Intuitive software and full support


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