Preiss and Pavlov Bring Gigabit Internet/Wi-Fi to Tenn., Student Apartments

  • Pavlov Media
  • The Preiss Company
MARTIN, TN — In response to increasing demand for high-performance Internet speeds in student housing, the Station at Martin apartments in Martin, Tenn., chose Pavlov Media, a national provider of IP services, and The Preiss Company, a developer and manager of off-campus student housing, to provide gigabit (1,000 Mbps) bandwidth as well as gigabit-capable Wi-Fi as part of services provided to its student residents. Station at Martin apartments are near the University of Tennessee at Martin with 384 beds in 96 units.

The Internet service is part of the standard amenity package for students living at Station at Martin. This property features new 802.11ac access points providing Wi-Fi up to gigabit speeds. The 802.11ac standard has been under development for several years and is just coming on the market.

The Preiss Company realized they needed a technology "facelift" at Station at Martin and Pavlov Media delivered. Station at Martin's network upgrades include:

  • Gigabit-capable switches

  • A ten-fold increase in bandwidth

  • Wi-Fi upgraded to the latest 802.11ac standard

  • More Wi-Fi Access Points installed to improve the coverage area

WebSnap: Traffic Management Solution
In addition to the infrastructure upgrades, Pavlov Media installed WebSnap. WebSnap is a combination of traffic management techniques that includes short, superfast blasts of service that snap up to circuit capacity speed. The burst is brief — a few seconds — but long enough to instantly load a webpage.

"The Preiss Company is committed to providing excellent amenities for our residents," said Kasey Munsch, director of corporate marketing. "There is no more popular amenity to the student demographic than broadband. The Preiss Company is thrilled to be working with Pavlov Media to offer this improved network for our residents," Munsch added.

"Forward-thinking enterprises are laying the foundation for the high-performance networks of tomorrow," said Mark Scifres, CEO of Pavlov Media. "Students are early adapters of technology and 802.11ac is the newest and best Wi-Fi on the market," Scifres added.


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