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PROVO, UT - The deal for Google Fiber to acquire iProvo, Provo's struggling broadband network, has been officially signed paving the way for Google to begin its work upgrading the existing network to its standard 1 GBPS speed. In addition to the 1 Gbps service, Google will offer a free 5 Mbps service to the residents who are already on the iProvo network with a $30 activation fee.

Google bought the network in a deal with the city for $1, making Provo the third US city behind Kansas City, Kan., and Austin, Texas, to offer Google Fiber to its residents.

"We’re planning on working hand-in-hand with Google and its local operation to serve as a backstop to what the Fiber team will be doing on the ground," said Provo Mayor John Curtis. "Having this amazing resource come to Provo is less than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we want to be ready."

Mayor Curtis went on to say, "Utah residents can expect to start hearing more about the particulars of the roll out campaign, types of service Google is providing, and which neighborhood will claim the title of Provo’s first Fiberhood!"


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