Proximus Partners with Eurofiber to Accelerate Fiber Roll-out in Wallonia, Belgium

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MAARSSEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Proximus CEP Guillaume Boutin and Alex Goldblum, CEO of Eurofiber, have signed a memoranda of Understanding (MoU) at building a fiber network in Wallonia together. The main object of the partnership is to enlarge and accelerate the roll-out of fober to the home in a cost efficient way, while ensuring access for all interested parties under open access and non-descriminatory terms.

Following the signature of the MoU, Proximus and Eurofiber will now engage in the negotiation of specific terms to build a fiber network in several cities and neighborhoods in Wallonia together. Subject to the conclusion of a final agreement, parties consider to create a joint venture to design, build, maintain and upgrade the network, which will be open and accessible for interested wholesale customers. The purpose is to pass Fiber to minimum 500.000 homes and businesses in Wallonia within this collaboration.

At the end of March, Proximus expressed its ambition to accelerate the roll-out of its fiber network as a crucial pillar of the renewed #inspire2022 strategy, with the purpose of connecting 2.4 million living units by 2025. To achieve this, Proximus committed to an acceleration of its investments to guarantee a faster and more efficient fiber roll-out, while adopting an open mindset towards cooperation and co-investment.

By joining forces with Eurofiber, an experienced provider of digital infrastructure since 2000, Proximus will be able to leverage efficiency gains in fiber deployment as well as realize a significant acceleration and a substantial increase of the coverage over and above its announced roll-out plans to pass 2.4M living units by 2025 in Belgium.

Thanks to its fiber-optic network and data centers, Eurofiber is able to provide enterprises, organizations, governments in Belgium, The Netherlands and France with smart, open, future-proof cloud and connectivity solutions. Customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need. Eurofiber’s strategy is aimed at further expanding within Europe and broadening its portfolio. Fiber-to-the-home is a central feature of this expansion strategy, with Eurofiber expecting to execute further FttH projects with a wholesale and open access approach. Collaborating with Proximus in this fiber-optic network project is part of the realization of this strategy.


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