Prysmian Announces 180µM Fiber for FTTX and 5G Networks


  • Prysmian Group

MILAN — Prysmian Group, a provider of energy and telecom cable systems, introduced 180µm fiber cable. Further to previous announcements for BendBright 180µm fiber and Sirocco HD cables, Prysmian combines the two technologies to launch its Sirocco Extreme microduct cable with 288 fibers in a diameter of 6.5mm, providing fiber density for a blown microduct cable of 288 fibers. With a fiber density of 8.7 fibers per mm2 it is possible to install the cable into an 8mm ID duct where previously it was only possible to install up to 192 fibers.

Sirocco Extreme microduct cables utilize Prysmian Group’s BendBright 180µm single-mode bend insensitive fiber (ITU-T G.657.A2), providing a future-proof solution that’s ready for evolved systems. “Prysmian’s BendBright fibers are capable of providing the necessary standard of cable density, and of supporting the necessary fiber spectrum demanded by new PON technologies” states Ian Griffiths, director R&D Telecom Business at Prysmian Group. “Bend-insensitive fiber’s resilience gives manufacturers the ability to design cabling solutions which were previously impossible to create, but are now demanded by today’s rapidly changing environments. With their extreme fiber count and reduced diameter, Sirocco Extreme microduct cables make installation faster, more cost effective and environmental friendly. Designed for installation into microducts, they are perfectly fit for blowing in high density access, FTTx and 5G networks and offer a scalable solution that’s high-density, physically compact, and easily deployable for a future-fit solution.”

Sirocco Extreme is currently available in a fiber count of 288 with further fiber counts to be available later in the year. The cable conforms to international standards for optical and mechanical performance and benefits using Prysmian’s PicoTube technology making them up to 40% smaller than Sirocco microduct cables. This makes it possible to install more fibers into congested duct space and enables the use of smaller ducts for new installations, resulting in lower installation costs and the use of less raw materials. This provides benefits for both the total cost of network deployment and the environmental footprint.

As the world’s demand for information continues to increase, fiber networks are becoming more dynamic, crowded and space limited, and Sirocco Extreme product enhancements show once again the Group’s commitment to respond to the evolving needs of the market.


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