Prysmian Group Introduces New WideCap MMF Technologies

  • Prysmian Group
MILAN — Prysmian Group, a provider of telecom cables and systems, introduced its latest innovations in wideband multimode fiber (MMF) and limited-mode fibers for space division multiplexing (SDM).

Multimode systems based on OM4 and VCSEL technology provide a low cost, power efficient solution for data center networks based on parallel multimode fibers. At present, there is significant effort in the industry to increase the capacity of multimode fibers. To that extent, the development of wideband MMFs capable of short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) transmission using high speed VCSELs between 850nm and 953nm has been considered an optimal solution. In particular, to satisfy the exponentially increasing information demand in data centers, the capacity of Prysmian’s WideCap fiber has been extended to longer wavelengths up to 953nm, adding three channels to the regular OM4 850nm. Thanks to this capacity extension, WideCap conveys 4x25 Gbps channels, enabling 100 Gbps and opening the door towards future 400 Gbps systems.

200 Gbps Transmission over a Single MMF
“WideCap MMF provides OM4 performance within the 850nm to 953nm wavelength range, allowing data center owners to take full advantage of novel WDM transceivers using duplex LC connectivity. WideCap MMF, combined with pulse-amplitude modulation PAM4 signal format and SWDM, allows 200 Gbps transmission over a single MMF,” says Eric Stoltz, vice president, fiber telecom business at Prysmian Group.

WideCap allows also saving space and improving network performance with the use of smaller, high density fiber management systems in space limited data centers, computer rooms and LANs, improving overall system network reliability. Moreover, extended reach, fiber efficiency and low-power consumption can be achieved simultaneously by a combination of 4x25 Gbps WDM VCSEL transceivers with the use of WideCap. This fiber meets the most stringent ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA and IEC standards, and easily fits the next standard requirements.


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