Prysmian Group Unveils Its RetractaNetXS Solution

  • Prysmian Group
MILAN – Prysmian Group, a provider of telecom cables and systems, has announced its RetractaNetXS direct buried retractable cable, an outdoor underground solution for FTTH deployments. It employs retractable cable from the Optical Distribution Point splice closure to the customer premises.

RetractaCable is filled with small fiber modules designed to be cut at one point in the network and retracted to another where they can be fed or blown through microducts directly to the customer premises.

Several successful pilot projects using the product have already been launched by Prysmian Group and its partners including Reggefiber, VolkerWessels Telecom, Jelcer Networks, Deutsche Glasfaser and BAM. The projects demonstrate that the ambitious fiber roll-out goals set by the EU Digital Agenda may be easier to meet than anticipated.

Projects include the deployment of a fiber network in Noorderveld, Netherlands, a sewer-based solution in Lonneker, Netherlands and a further successful project carried out in the Bocholt Bario district, which is now being called "‘the fastest village in North Rhine-Westphalia."

Deeper Installations
With the unique physical properties and technical specifications of RetractaNetXS, ducts can be installed at a depth of 30cm (12 inches) instead of the normal 60 or 120cm, making it possible to lay 600 meters (.37 miles) of fiber a day, limit public inconvenience and significantly reduce CO2 output.

“This solution makes roll-outs faster, reduces pollution and cuts labor costs. It provides quick connections at a low total cost of ownership, through significant savings on labor and materials. Compared to traditional P2P network solutions, RetractaNetXS can reduce the overall cost of OSP network deployment by 7 to 9 percent,” explains Edgar Aker, director Telecom Benelux, Prysmian Group.


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