Prysmian Launches Karona Overblow System for 5G Installations

  • Prysmian Group
MILAN, ITALY — Prysmian Group, a provider of energy and telecom cable systems, takes another step forward in connecting homes and businesses to the world with the launch of its Karona Overblow System. This new solution enables the installation of high density optical fiber cable into pre-existing subducted routes that contain existing legacy cable.

With data transmission now an essential part of modern life, sound digital infrastructure must be in place. Existing networks are already congested with legacy cable, but installing more ducts can be expensive and time consuming. Prysmian developed a solution to this problem offering a new way to install additional amounts of fiber cable using the existing duct network. The Karona Overblowing System comprises overblow cables, installation equipment, connectivity and comprehensive training. Additional cables can be installed, using point-to-point method achieving distances of up to 1km and further when using center blowing techniques. The overblow cable range is from 12 to 432 fibers matched with a range of joint closures.

Faster Fiber Installations
The Karona Overblowing System offers several benefits compared to traditional installations. Planning for civil work requires between 90 and 180 days notice prior to work starting, while generally there is no need to apply for licenses for an installation into a preexisting duct network. When building a new duct network, a speed of 100m per day is considered fast, whereas Overblowing would complete a total job of 1km in just a few hours. It therefore achieves a huge reduction in energy, greenhouse and ozone effects, having no waste products created or to be removed. Moreover, higher installation speed and significantly reduced lead times, as well as eliminated civil work, drastically reduce end-user disruption. Prysmian Group also provides approved comprehensive installation training for the system, designed for experienced installers.

Openreach, Britains’ digital network business, is benefiting from this system to help install its single fiber network in both major cities and remote rural areas, where installation is usually harder and less efficient. Prysmian developed part of the Karona system specifically to allow Openreach to add small diameter cables into a range of low diameter subducts where legacy cables already exist.

“Superfast, innovative solutions are required in view of the emerging next generation technologies of 5G and future gigabit society, in order to transfer always higher amounts of data simultaneously, even throughout less suitable and less industrialized areas” comments Toni Bosch, vice president, telecom solutions, Prysmian Group. “With this project Prysmian continues to prove that it truly is a global manufacturer that leverages its worldwide knowledge and capabilities to respond to the always growing technological challenges its customers are facing.”


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