Prysmian to Launch 6,912-fiber FlexRibbon Cable


  • Prysmian Group

MILAN, ITALY —Prysmain Group, a provider of telecom cable systems, is launching its 6,912 Fiber MassLink Cable with FlexRibbon technology. “The fiber density speaks for itself,” said Phillipe Vanhille, executive vice president telecom business at Prysmian Group. “With this amount of fiber in a single cable, we concentrated on a product design that would provide installers and splicers with craft friendliness and superior fiber management. We therefore confirm our commitment to constantly investing in our optical fiber and cable capacities to support our customers in developing new reliable and cost-effective broadband networks.”

The 6,912 fiber FlexRibbon provides an ultra-compact outside plant cable design that contains 6,912 bend-insensitive fibers, with a cable diameter small enough to fit into a 50.8mm/2” duct. By using FlexRibbon technology, ribbons are rolled up and packed together in small diameter sub-units.  Yet, these 200 ųm fiber ribbons still provide the advantages of mass fusion splicing. Originally designed for use by hyper-scale data-center customers, 6,912 fiber MassLink has potential uses in all telecom markets. The addition of the 6,912 fiber cable further expands Prysmian’s portfolio of MassLink Fiber Cable with FlexRibbon Technology, which includes also 1,728 and 3,456 fiber count FlexRibbon products, fitting into a 31.75mm/1.25” and 38.1mm/1.50” duct, respectively.



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