Prysmian’s Flextube Launches

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MILAN — Prysmian, a provider of energy and telecom cable systems, launched the local manufacture of its new Flextube cable technology with the installation of its highest fiber count cable to date.

TPG, one of Australia’s leading telcos, required the highest fiber count cable possible, in an ultra-dense single cable solution for a particular application. Using its innovative Flextube technology, Prysmian responded, manufacturing a cable with a capacity of 2112 fibers.

Slim Design allows for Higher Fiber Count
“It is not only the highest fiber count cable ever manufactured by Prysmian but it also exhibits the world’s highest fiber density. The 2112 fibers are contained within a single sheath 24mm in diameter, making it currently the highest density optical cable solution in the world, with a record breaking 4.7 fibers/mm², The cable was designed to be slim enough to fit inside a 32mm subduct (with an internal diameter of just 28mm), fully maximizing the available space,” said Jack Clements, technical sales manager at Prysmian Australia.

Ultra-dense Cable Solutions
Prysmian has partnered with TPG telecom for many years and TPG was one of the first companies in Australia to trial the Flextube product. Flextube is designed to be extremely compact, light-weight and flexible and also much faster to install. Using Flextube, Prysmian continues to lead the way in ultra-dense cable solutions and this new record-breaking cable sees the company add to its already extensive Flextube range.

A 1.8km section of the 2112F cable was deployed in Melbourne CBD on Friday and installed within a subduct of 28mm internal diameter. The cable was spliced at both ends using Prysmian’s latest high capacity joint enclosures. The joints are able to store up to 2688 fiber splices and are modular in design, able to be scaled up and down depending on the customer’s requirements.


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