Pulaski-White Telephone Builds FTTH Network With Help From Zhone

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OAKLAND, CA - Pulaski-White Rural Telephone Cooperative in Star City, Ind., is building a new FTTH network to improve its delivery of triple-play services. When the new network is in place, the company's residential customers will have access to multiple HDTV channels, high-definition DVR content and video streaming within the home.

Pulaski-White is using the MXK multiservice access node (MSAN) solution from Zhone Technologies, which supports both GPON and active Ethernet techologies. “Our 2,000 lines to residents and business require increasing bandwidth as user needs exceed our current capacity," says plant manager Mark Dickerson. "Fortunately, the increased density, scale and performance provided by the Zhone MXK, zNID ONTs and Zhone EZ Touch Provisioning solution address our network complexity and challenges.

"We are excited to offer more advanced communications and connectivity to our customers. We initially plan to provide our business customers, including banks, hospitals and schools, with [active Ethernet] connectivity and consumers with GPON connectivity, using the same MXK system without worry about bandwidth constraints or expansive cost requirements. The ability to provide multiple services off the same system was imperative for us to curtail operational costs”.

The Zhone Management System will be used for network management support.

Zhone has now deployed more than 1,350 MXK platforms with more than 100 service providers worldwide. As the industry's first terabit access concentrator, the MXK provides nonblocking capacity of up to 3,600 100 Mbps GPON subscribers or 360 1G active Ethernet subscribers.


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