Qnbn Partners with Ericsson to Bring Fiber to Qatar

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QATAR - Qatar National Broadband Network Company (Qnbn) and Ericsson announced an agreement to empower Qatar with high-speed broadband fiber access to citizens and businesses alike.

The rollout of competitive, high-speed broadband services in Qatar through the deployment of Ericsson’s fiber optic solution will begin immediately. Qnbn will deploy a passive network infrastructure, providing equal and open access to operators to offer choice for end users and efficiently leveraging existing and new infrastructure in Qatar.

“Qnbn represents a bold step forward in Qatar’s drive to be a leading knowledge-based economy. Continuous access to a high-speed network is essential for economic development and innovation,” said Mohamad Al-Mannai, Qnbn’s chief executive officer. “Together with Ericsson, we hope to be able to enrich connectivity in Qatar and continue to provide an ideal environment for business development and economic growth.”

Qatar’s government established Qnbn in 2011 to accelerate the rollout of a nationwide high-speed, accessible broadband FTTH network. Qnbn aims to provide fiber access to citizens and businesses across Qatar, achieving coverage targets of 95 percent. The resulting high-speed broadband connectivity will enable the effective use of multimedia and communications applications that are central to developing Qatar’s knowledge-based economy.


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