Quadro Communications Accelerates Home Installations with Calix Professional Services

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SAN JOSE, CA — Quadro Communications Cooperative has partnered with Calix Professional Services to streamline residential deployments across its growing fiber network. Quadro has leveraged the new Express Premises Installation Package to improve the efficiency and consistency of its internet, managed Wi-Fi, and voice services installations. The package features a pre-configured MobilePRO App solution that provides Quadro field installers step-by-step guidance with fast and accurate documentation and validation of premises installation quality. Previous Calix Deployment Enablement Services customers have reduced the cost of their quality reviews by as much as 86 percent and eliminated 100 percent of the truck rolls involved in installation quality checks. Quadro anticipates similarly massive efficiency improvements, as the rural communications service provider (CSP) sees installation quality as instrumental in providing an unparalleled experience for subscribers. That experience is its main differentiation point against competitors, specifically in its current network expansion project—fiber to the home (FTTH) in St. Marys. The rural CSP announced its St. Marys project in January of 2019 with a plan to cover the entire area in three years.

“As we expand our presence in St. Marys and beyond, we can provide exceptional service to thousands of new subscribers, and we already have people clamoring for the upgrade,” said John DeHeer, general manager for Quadro Communications Cooperative. “The Calix MobilePRO app is helping us lead the market on quality through better premises installations and will help us improve how we handle trouble tickets with our subscribers. With the improvements in installation efficiency, we anticipate significant resource savings that we can reinvest in our subscriber experience.”

Real-time sharing of Installation Information

Based in Kirkton, Ontario, Quadro has provided communications services for business and residential subscribers for nearly a century. The new Calix Professional Services package helps keep Quadro’s installation timelines on track with real-time sharing of information among field installers, supervisors, project managers and quality engineers. This coordination improves the validation and verification processes, minimizing installation data errors, lost time, re-trips, and rework—all of which would require costly follow-up site visits and can negatively impact subscriber satisfaction. The MobilePRO App generates deployment reports automatically that are easily and remotely accessible to field supervisors.

“Calix Deployment Enablement Services deliver fast, accurate documentation and validation of premises installation quality in real time, and the Express Premises Installation Package helps them start realizing the benefits more quickly,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer for Calix. “Tools like the MobilePRO App help agile CSPs like Quadro compete head-on in their markets and expand by differentiating the quality of the services they offer subscribers. That starts with a great installation experience.


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