QuantaBits Offers New Optical Networking Equipment Technologies

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PETALUMA, CA - QuantaBits, a provider of optical networking equipment, introduced a family of products that include a 10 gigibit GEPON optical line terminal (OLT) and a 10 gigabit optical network unit (ONU), a solution designed to transform the industry for ISPs, datacenter administrators and telecommunications providers alike. These products are poised to address today's capacity, speed and quality of service limitations that currently hinder Internet Protocol transport services.

The QuantaBits units can be integrated with existing one gigabit technology and can operate at both 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps speeds at the same time, on the same fiber.

Benefits offered by the new family of QuantaBits' products include:

  • More efficient inbound and outbound traffic management, resulting in reduced latency and an economical means of data transfer.

  • An improved split rate (64 ONUs per PON Port), ensures a quick and efficient way to deploy networking equipment.

  • Software defined networking for seamless integration

  • Remote provisioning and management inside each system, including a web-based graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Up to 70 percent less power consumption required, which reduces operational costs and the overall cost of ownership.

  • The ability to transmit data up to 50 miles

  • A lifetime warranty with no license fees


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