"R" Enhances Broadband in Spain with ARRIS RFoG

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MADRID — R, the Galician optic fiber communications operator, has selected radio frequency over glass (RFoG) technology from ARRIS Group to improve bandwidth provisioning, drive efficiency across its network and ensure legacy infrastructure can be expanded with Fiber to the Premises RFoG extensions.

The technology will be implemented this month by bcSistemas (an ARRIS reseller), who was selected as the systems integrator following a successful trial earlier this year. R has selected a range of ARRIS solutions including Optical Network Units, Optical Transmitters, Optical Receivers for RFoG, Optical Amplifiers, Multiplexers and Passives to build their offering.

RFoG Technology Enables Greater Fiber Delivery
"ARRIS's RFoG technology will enable us to deliver fiber to more of our network. This means our commercial and residential customers will see a dramatic improvement in service and overall experience," said Julio Sanchez Agrelo, director of the network division at R. "We are excited about this technology and its potential to reduce our operating costs and maximize our HFC infrastructure investment over the coming years, even as technology advances."

Pablo Guaglianone, general manager of ARRIS Spain said: "With our technology, R, can now offer a deep, highly efficient fiber network that brings the latest TV services and fastest Internet speeds into the homes of their customers. As service providers look to deliver next-generation content experiences, they need to deploy superior infrastructure that competes with established players. Our suite of fiber technologies has the power and scale to meet these demands."

bcSistemas played an integral role in helping R envisage and deploy a fiber-deep network. Jose Antonio Illarregui, bcSistemas managing director, said: "This project demonstrates the benefits of RFoG technology for fiber to the home — allowing the reuse of all the legacy equipment and services in both the headend and in subscribers' homes, greatly expanding the capacity of the networks and reducing negative factors such as maintenance costs."


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