RBSC Illuminates Tahlequah, OK Businesses With Fiber Network

  • RBSC Oklahoma
TALEQUAH, OK - Rural Broadband Services Corporation, doing business in Oklahoma as RBSC Oklahoma, announced the launch of a new fiber network in Tahlequah. Northeastern State University (NSU), local businesses, colleges, tribal organizations and regional banks can now enjoy the advantages of a 100 percent fiber optic Gigabit network. RBSC's Rapid Deployment Technology utilizes FCC wireless spectrum licenses, Gigabit networks and shared infrastructure for broadband and smart grid applications to give rural America the same competitive edge as urban areas. Providing high-speed Internet and data transfer capability at Gigabit speeds to Tahlequah represents a milestone in RBSC's plan to Light Up rural America. With this momentum, RBSC is moving steadily forward with its plan to “Get the Light" to other rural areas in Oklahoma. The next phase of expansion includes Cherokee County, Muscogee (Creek) Nation and The Choctaw Nation.

Smart Connect
In other news, RBSC Oklahoma announces Smart Connect, a private Gigabit fiber network for multi-location business operations. Smart Connect is an innovative breakthrough technology for business. It provides dedicated Gigabit bandwidth to business networks. Whether business offices are located across the street or across town, the bandwidth is exclusive, allowing a business to add offices without adding bandwidth expense. The bandwidth is unmetered. In other words, RBSC does not charge data penalties for network usage. There are no limits for total data sent across the Smart Connect network.

The Smart Connect private network uses fiber-based, business Ethernet technology and RBSC's Smart Grid to provide networking that is not available from other providers. Network traffic is not exposed to the Internet at any time. Communication is between a business's private offices only. Because it is the same speed Up and Down, servers, internal communications and VOIP systems all work better, faster and securely. Because offices are all connected on RBSC's Smart Connect network, bandwidth allocation is spread across all locations with no added, expensive, Internet-based connections. All offices can share the same, single connection to the Internet, reducing network complexity, cost and management, while improving security. Smart Connect protects the sovereignty of your data transmissions.

RBSC is responding to President Obama's call to bring Gigabit technology to rural communities, particularly the Promised Land, home of many Native American tribes and economically challenged areas in Oklahoma.


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