Broadband Households Cite School Children Falling Behind a Key Concern

The rise of virtual learning platforms during the COVID-19 poses potential challenges for school children conducting remote learning.

  • Parks Associates

New research from Parks Associates finds 43 percent of U.S. broadband households with children at home are concerned about their children falling behind in school due to COVID-19 restrictions and the move to virtual lessons.

Thirty-six percent of those surveyed in September 2020 report using an online educational tool during the pandemic, up from 26 percent in July 2020.

“Nearly one-third of US broadband households have children at home, and our research shows these are the leaders in adopting new connected technologies, a trend sharpened by COVID-19,” said Elizabeth Parks, president of Parks Associates. “Forty-three percent of US broadband households with children purchased an electronics device during the COVID-19 crisis, a rate double that of households without children.”

Another issue for this consumer segment is security. Parks said that service providers and vendors could target more consumers with services and products that address security concerns.

“These consumers are more likely to have security concerns related to personal data and privacy, so they are the prime target market for new service offerings that can bundle privacy protections with a variety of advanced services,” she said



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