Representatives Introduce the Rural Broadband Infrastructure Investment Act

  • Rural Broadband Infrastructure Investment Act
  • Rural Utility Service (RUS)
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressmen Jared Huffman (D-CA), Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Rick Nolan (D-MN) introduced the Rural Broadband Infrastructure Investment Act, which would unlock new opportunities for broadband deployment in rural communities across America. The bill would promote regional broadband solutions by allowing the Rural Utility Service (RUS) to offer broadband grants in addition to loans and loan guarantees and increase overall RUS broadband investment to $50 million annually from $25 million. The legislation builds on the successful legacy of the Rural Electrification Act, which brought power and telephone service to rural communities across America during the New Deal. (A PDF of the legislation can be found here.)

“High speed broadband is essential to economic development, public safety, and a vibrant quality of life. This legislation is a step towards ensuring that our rural acommunities are not left behind,” Huffman said. “Our government’s promise of universal service should mean just that: high-quality, high-speed broadband service for every American household. Investment in broadband today will provide a better future for our communities tomorrow.”

Ensuring a Better Future for Rural Communities
“No one’s access to high-speed broadband — and the benefits it brings to economic development, public safety and health care – should be limited by where they call home,” said Congressman Mike Thompson. “Expanding broadband to rural America, as this bill does, will support more jobs and greater access to high-speed Internet for our schools, hospitals, libraries and community centers — and it will help ensure a better future for kids and grandkids growing up in rural communities.”

“Congressman Huffman’s bill marks an important step forward. It’s time to bring high-speed broadband to all of rural America. More than half of all rural Americans are without high-speed broadband and we need to work together to change that. Here in rural America, high-speed broadband is essential to our ability to compete – to help start new businesses, create new jobs, attract new people and provide the education and health care services to essential to our quality of life,” said Congressman Rick Nolan.


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