Research Shows Fiber is Preferred by Nearly Two Thirds of U.S. Consumers

A new Fiber Broadband Association study indicates that high-quality fiber broadband is a necessity, not a luxury.

ORLANDO, FL – Today at Fiber Connect 2023, the Fiber Broadband Association and RVA LLC Market Research & Consulting (RVA) released an annual consumer research report titled “The Status of U.S. Broadband: The Growing Preference to Fiber Broadband.” The 2023 study reveals fiber broadband is considered the best internet service delivery method in terms of speed and reliability among 63% of all U.S. consumers, including 54% of cable users.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s $42.45 billion BEAD program prioritizes fiber projects because of fiber’s ability to replace aging copper and coax wiring and provide vital, scalable telecommunications infrastructure for generations to come. The consumer research study demonstrates the importance and preference for fiber by consumers as well.

The study found that the underlying demand for high-quality broadband remains strong, as it was rated the second most important amenity in a home after a laundry room. Consumers show high interest in many future broadband applications which will increasingly require faster and more symmetrical internet, especially applications to support telehealth, senior independence, and home security. When all respondents were asked what type of internet service was the very best in terms of speed and reliability, fiber broadband won by a large majority with scores 2.5 times higher than the second candidate (cable).

The Fiber Broadband Association expects nearly as much fiber will be deployed during the next five years as has been deployed throughout history. In terms of market share, fiber broadband continues to gain on cable. Further, among the 17% of consumers changing internet service providers in the past two years, fiber delivery had a net gain of 15 market share points, while cable delivery had a loss of 14 share points.

“These results underscore the fact that high-speed broadband is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity for any person to successfully participate in today’s society,” said Deborah Kish, Vice President of Research and Workforce Development at the Fiber Broadband Association. “We’ve known how important broadband is to the U.S., and every year this study reveals that the preference for fiber broadband is growing wildly. Connecting every community to fiber will enable digital equality and raise the quality of life for generations to come.”

“The Status of U.S. Broadband” annual report is built on consumer research sponsored by Fiber Broadband Association and conducted by RVA. The study focuses on internet use among U.S. online customers, and the 2023 edition, conducted in May 2023, had a sample size of 4,000.



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