R&M Introduces Flexible Platform for Fiber Optic Termination

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MILPITAS, CA — R&M, a provider of cabling systems for network infrastructures, is launching a new generation of sturdy and flexible connection boxes for fiber optic networks. The Polaris-box 6 is used to supply single and multi-dwelling units, terraced houses and comparable building complexes with fiber optics.

The dust-tight and waterproof housing with lift-up lid can accommodate up to 12 plug and 60 splice connections. There is also space for four FMTS 1TPU splice trays or two 2TPU splitter trays, which can be inserted and removed easily and quickly. During development, R&M concentrated on ensuring that the Polaris-box is suitable for any outdoor use. The housing itself fulfills the requirements of NEMA Enclosure Type 6. Dangerous dust and powerful jets of water cannot permeate it.

Facilitates On-Site Connections
Installation teams can add individually required connection modules on site. Fiber routing and configurations can be modified and retrofitted at any time. Compatible adapters are SC, E-2000 and LC-Duplex. Three outside installation points with slotted holes enable the fast assembly and exact positioning even on slanted walls. Knock-out cable grommets on all four sides and at the back give installers more leeway when it comes to positioning. For fast access during maintenance, the lid can be opened, removed at 45 degrees or locked at a position of 120 degrees without tools.

The Polaris-box 6 has an unobtrusive design and is constructed of light synthetic material which is favored by homeowners. With a height of less than 2.5 inches and otherwise compact dimensions, the Polaris-box 6 can be positioned virtually anywhere in a building.


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