ROVR Score Emerges to Evaluate and Enhance Connectivity for Property Management and Residents

Sets focus on providing connectivity measurement and evaluation services for  multifamily and student housing.

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Memphis, TN--ROVR Score, multifamily and student housing’s first company providing community-wide connectivity measurement and evaluation services, launched today.

The company was created by respected student housing and multifamily executives to help property owners and managers measure, improve and enhance residents' Wi-Fi, network and cellular connectivity experience and satisfaction.

“Today's residents expect full and uninterrupted coverage and ROVR Score's solution gives the consumer up front assurance of a property’s ability to fulfill their digital needs as they choose their next place to live,” said Scott Casey co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ROVR Score. ROVR Score helps both the owner/operator and the consumer by providing a simple tool that evaluates and promotes the quality of WiFi, network, and cellular connectivity throughout the entire property.

Then the ROVR Score team goes beyond scoring by providing ongoing analytics and unbiasedinsight into improving the connectivity experience. ROVR Score also equips operators with the ability to market to future residents, and a comparison to their market competition. This information is vital to owners, managers and industry executives.

“With our data collection, ongoing connectivity analysis and unbiased insight, we have the perfect algorithm to eliminate the unknown of how good or bad WiFi and cellular connectivity is at any given community," says Scott Casey, co-founder and CEO of ROVR Score. Casey further states, “Our goal is to be a key partner for multi-family and student housing owners and operators and make their jobs easier.”

“We look for new innovative partners that are able to bring value to our portfolio and I feel ROVR’s technology is focused on improving asset performance and monetizing our top amenity: connectivity,” said Adam Byrley, COO, of The Preiss Company.

“As a student housing operator, Preiss needs to be on top of the latest technology to stay desirable in our competitive market. With the demand for quality connectivity from renters, partnering with ROVR Score will allow us to outperform our competition,” Bryley added.


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