RST Announces Expansion of High-Speed Services Across NC

  • Golden LEAF Rural Broadband Initiative
  • North Carolina Research and Education Network
SHELBY, NC – RST Global Communications (RST), the Shelby, NC-based fiber-optic provider, announced that its network map has increased from 500 miles to 3,000 miles – encompassing even the most rural of regions in North Carolina. The aggressive growth was made possible through additional network builds and recent mergers and acquisitions. This includes an investment in fiber built by MCNC through the Golden LEAF Rural Broadband Initiative, the recently completed $144 million expansion of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).

RST serves businesses of all sizes from small and medium up to data centers. The company will be providing up to 10 Gbps symmetrical broadband to its business customers, making 1 Gbps symmetrical available to residents. For residents, RST is currently providing minimal services, while beta testing is being completed before presenting a competitive model. RST is also working on an IPTV service that will offer a la carte programming.

Despite North Carolina’s reputation as a center of research and higher learning, many businesses and residents struggle with limited or non-existent Internet access. As RST Global Communications, LLC (RST) expands its service footprint statewide, those technology issues could soon be a thing of the past. The network expansion has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of new customers, ensure high-speed service across North Carolina and help position the Tar Heel state as a prime destination for economic development and education.

RST delivers a “core out” all-fiber network with speeds up to 10-gigabits per second, more than 100 times faster than the average service offered by other providers. This translates into huge time savings and increased productivity whether downloading an MRI, watching a movie or making an international financial trade. And unlike most other broadband companies – which utilize aerial construction in their network infrastructure – RST’s network is buried underground to ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection.


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