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ROCHESTER, IN — For Indiana-based video provider RTC Fiber Communications, there is still a high desire for traditional video given the demographic make-up of their customers.  According to RTC Marketing Manager, Aereka Heyde, they needed to upgrade their video middleware and chose Innovative Systems because they were falling behind in the latest features and functionality needed to be competitive with satellite, OTT and other providers.

Subscription Model a Good Fit for RTC   

After a thorough review of doing an outright purchase versus a subscription model, RTC went with subscription due to the changing video landscape. Heyde says subscription based is a good way for them to improve their linear video product, with lower investment costs.

Heyde comments that Innovative's reputation in the video space, and the fact that RTC has been a long-time billing customer using the Innovative Systems eLation™ OSS made the decision easier. Heyde added that having a good vendor support experience for their billing service gave them confidence that they would be well cared for with video.

Cloud DVR and Weather Were Differentiators

Trying to reduce video costs, RTC decisions makers needed to turn their non-DVR Set Top Boxes into bigger profit centers and Cloud DVR has fit that need nicely. Heyde said they also needed something better for their weather hungry customers, and the Innovative Weather App was an upgrade for the local weather channel that they were no longer able to offer to their customers.

MG-TV An Added Bonus

RTC has made a significant investment in fiber delivery, while at the same time having a robust fixed wireless broadband business. The Multi Generation TV platform from Innovative is a nice marriage of traditional and live streaming from one vendor. MG-TV allows RTC to have two video solutions to reach more of their customers and to best fit their lifestyle, whether it is traditional video service with a Set Top Box, or one that is in a live streaming format.                                                                         




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