Rural Broadband Experiments Details Announced

  • The Wireline Competition Bureau
WASHINGTON, DC — The Wireline Competition Bureau has released the application form for the rural broadband experiments, FCC Form 5610, along with additional information to assist potential applicants in completing the application form. The Bureau also announced a brief delay in the timing of the applications for rural broadband experiments in order to complete testing of the electronic submission system.

Application Process
The Bureau is releasing screenshots of the electronic Form 5610, as well as the bid form and descriptive data form that applicants must complete and attach as part of the application process. Applicants are reminded that they must attach a dedicated bid form for each proposed project, but should only attach a single descriptive data form listing all of their proposed projects.

The Bureau also is making available additional informational materials for applicants, specifically, a sample project information submission, a guide to working with the rural broadband experiments census block list, and a guide to completing the bid form.

Filing Window Delay
Due to testing the electronic submission system for security and efficiently, there will be a brief delay in the opening of the filing window and the corresponding deadline for the submission of rural broadband experiment applications. The Bureau will release a public notice announcing the revised deadline for applications at a later date.

New Webinar Date
Because of the delayed filing window, the Bureau is postponing the webinar originally scheduled for Monday, September 29. The webinar will now take place on Thursday, October 9 at 2pm EST.

Revised Application Deadline
Parties interested in attending this webinar should email to register. The webinar will walk through each step of completing Form 5610, allowing potential applicants to view the application platform prior to the opening of the filing window. A recording of the webinar will be archived on the same webpage for interested parties that are unable to attend.

For additional information on this proceeding, contact Ian Forbes ( of the Wireline Competition Bureau, Telecommunications Access Policy Division, (202) 418-7400.


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