RUS Lends $400M for New Rural Fiber Projects

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ST. LOUIS, MO — A total of $410.7 million in funding for rural telcos to build, expand and improve broadband was announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service. All but about $25 million of the funding is for fiber-to-the-home projects.

For example, in Minnesota, Rural Development Broadband Loan Program funds will be used to extend Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative's existing FTTH network to serve rural communities in north central Minnesota. This project will offer advanced telecommunications services to more than 45,710 households and businesses.

In North Dakota, Rural Development funds will be used to expand Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation's FTTH broadband system in 18 exchanges. When the project is complete, all of Polar's subscribers will be served with broadband via various technologies.

The complete list of awardees includes:
Albion Telephone Company, Idaho and Utah - $17,075,000 for FTTH
BEK Communications Cooperative, North Dakota - $26,746,000 for FTTH
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association, Colorado - $18,725,000 for FTTN
Griswold Cooperative Telephone Company, Iowa - $12,747,000 for FTTH
Inland Telephone Company, Washington - $24,823,000 for FTTH
La Porte City Telephone Company, Iowa - $9,867,000 for FTTH
Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative, Wisconsin - $19,781,000 for FTTH
McDonough Telephone Cooperative, Illinois - $15,728,000 for FTTH
McNabb Telephone Company, Illinois - $3,700,000 to make system improvements, including FTTH
Mediapolis Telephone Company, Iowa - $13,401,000 for FTTH
North Central Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Tennessee - $27,069,000 for FTTH
Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative, Minnesota - $19,749,000 for FTTH
Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative, Indiana - $29,139,000 for FTTH
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation, North Dakota - $32,939,000 for FTTH
Roosevelt County Telephone Cooperative, New Mexico - $12,358,000 for FTTH
S & T Telephone Cooperative Association, Kansas - $29,814,000 for FTTH
Sandhill Telephone Cooperative, South Carolina - $5,930,000 for system improvements, including a new switch
Shawnee Telephone Company, Illinois - $30,286,000 for FTTH
SRT Communications, North Dakota - $24,832,000 for FTTH
Terral Telephone Company, Oklahoma - $4,855,000 for FTTH, softswitch and power plant
Toledo Telephone Company, Washington - $18,091,000 for FTTH
Union Telephone Company, Wisconsin - $13,308,000


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