Sacred Wind Delivers Fiber to Navajo Homes


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YATAHEY, NM — Sacred Wind has completed its fiber-to-the-home project to Navajo homes within a Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) development in the Huerfano Chapter. Sacred Wind is the first telecommunications company to provide fiber-to-the-home connectivity to homes on Navajo Lands. This breakthrough technology is delivering high-speed internet to some of the most rural parts of New Mexico.

Reaching the more sparsely populated areas over a network of fixed wireless towers, Sacred Wind has provided the highest broadband speeds available to Navajo homes wirelessly and has now begun to deploy fiber optic cable to replace copper cable within the housing developments managed by the NHA and HUD, starting with the NHA development near the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry’s complex.

FTTH Success on NHA Developments

“In more rural areas of the country,” said John Badal, CEO of Sacred Wind Communications, “using a mix of technologies is key to delivering broadband to everyone. Fiber-to-the-home only makes economic sense in the more densely populated areas, which, on Navajo Lands, are largely within NHA developments.”

Over the last thirteen years, Sacred Wind employees have dedicated themselves to expanding and improving broadband infrastructure to rural and tribal areas in Northwest New Mexico. This latest example will provide initially up to 100 Mbps for the Huerfano Chapter’s NHA community and will serve as a model for more fiber projects in the near future.

“There is no cost to residential customers for installation,” said Badal, “and our price for the higher speeds will be comparable to what customers are currently paying for slower speeds.”

“Sacred Wind has completed a milestone by delivering fiber to residential homes on the Navajo Nation. I applaud Sacred Wind’s commitment to close the digital divide,” said Chris Becenti, executive director of the Navajo Nation Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.


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