San Antonio Approves Lease Deal with AT&T

  • Google Fiber
SAN ANTONIO - The city of San Antonio has reached a master lease agreement with AT&T that will allow the company to begin laying the infrastructure for a fiber network that would provide communications and technology services to the city, as reported in the San Antonio Business Journal.

This agreement comes on the heels of a March announcement that the city approved a 20-year master-lease contract with Google Fiber Texas that allows that company to rent space for network huts that would support expansion of its ultra-high-speed fiber-optic network to the Alamo City. San Antonio is one of nine metro areas that could enter the Google Fiberhood.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro apparently sees the multiple agreements as creating a more competitive environment that will benefit consumers. “I applaud AT&T for responding to the call for greater competition in the San Antonio market,” Castro is quoted in the San Antonio Business Journal. “The big winners will be local consumers who will have greater access to super fast Internet speeds that can spur innovation and drive entrepreneurialism.”


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