Sandvine Unveils Capacity Planning Dashboard

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WATERLOO, ON – Sandvine, a provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, announced the launch of the Capacity Planning Dashboard. Included as part of Sandvine Network Analytics, the new Capacity Planning Dashboard provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with interactive and actionable insight into network resource performance trends on fixed, mobile and converged networks.

The Capacity Planning Dashboard has been purpose-built for engineering, operations and network provisioning teams in order to provide them with data on network resource performance trends across the network. The analysis allows operators to easily identify and manage congested network resources, so that they can intelligently defer capital spending, where possible, without impacting the quality of experience (QoE) of their subscribers.

Calculating Return on Investment
A key part of the Capacity Planning Dashboard is the Measured Business Benefits Calculator which allows operators to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for Traffic Optimization deployments. This calculator gives operators the ability to simulate a number of factors including quality score, deferral period, and capacity upgrade costs in order to strike the right balance between quality of experience and cost savings.

“Operators around the globe are seeing subscribers’ bandwidth demands growing across multiple access networks simultaneously, which makes predicting and meeting current and future bandwidth requirements a complex and challenging proposition,” said Tom Donnelly, COO, sales and global services, Sandvine. “The Capacity Planning Dashboard simplifies those complex capacity planning decisions so that operators can keep a focus on what matters most; delivering a high quality of experience for subscribers.”

Distinct from simple reporting platforms, Network Analytics is the first and most widely-deployed big data tool designed specifically to aid CSPs in deriving actionable insight from the network. Data from Network Analytics is presented using powerful, interactive dashboards with charts that can be exported as a .PNG or .CSV file. An open API also offers the flexibility of integrating data with third-party business intelligence systems.


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