Santa Ana, CA Taps Magellan for Broadband Master Planning

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DENVER, CO – The City of Santa Ana, California, has selected Magellan Advisors, a broadband and smart city consulting firm, to consult on telecommunications policy and broadband master planning. Magellan services combine municipal broadband and wireless policy, fiber-optic network development and community broadband planning.

Santa Ana is taking a proactive approach to future municipal efficiency, economic development and quality of life by committing itself to enabling greater fiber-based connectivity for its businesses, anchor institutions and residents. Magellan’s team will assist the City in developing and adopting ordinances and municipal strategies that support this initiative, allowing the City to maximize local efforts in securing reliable, affordable, high-speed internet services for economic development and smart city applications.

Implementing Best Practices in Public Policy
In localizing control over broadband and wireless policies, Santa Ana joins a number of communities that are foreseeing the deployment of future technologies as a critical issue. With the coming of 5G, municipalities are presented with unique opportunities and challenges. By engaging Magellan Advisors, the City of Santa Ana will face these head-on by implementing best practices in public policy, positioning the City to leverage existing infrastructure and to manage rights-of-way in anticipation of deployment of 5G technology.

Developing a Fiber Master Plan
Magellan’s west coast team will also work with Santa Ana’s leadership to develop a Fiber Master Plan designed to provide cost-effective, resource-efficient municipal broadband services for economic development. This infrastructure will support high-speed connectivity throughout the City for improved government services and smart city technologies including intelligent transportation, public safety innovations, and other applications designed to improve livability and sustainability in Santa Ana.


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